Winona State wins PME "Face Off!"

Bradley Erickson, Gabriel Mancino-Ball, Nick Meyer, and Michael Holmblad

A group of WSU math majors traveled the Wisconsin Pi Mu Epsilon Math Conference at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin over the weekend of November 3 and 4 and returned champions.  A group of 4 math majors won the Face Off competition.  Face Off is a mathematics Jeopardy-style quiz show which forces contestants to think and compute quickly.  The contestants are challenged with mathematical problems, puzzles, math puns, and more.   Our WSU team consisting of Bradley Erickson, Michael Holmblad , Gabriel Mancino-Ball, and Nick Meyer took home the first place finish over 9 other teams from around the Midwest.  Also traveling to the conference from WSU were Carson Boots, Emily Duden, Conager Mrozek, and Anna Ramsey.  Michael Holmblad and Gabriel Mancino-Ball both gave presentations on their mathematical research.  Michael presented a talk titled Trying to Create a New Random Number Generator and Gabriel presented a talk titled The Asymptotic Z-Transform.