Student Seminar

12:00 - 12:50 PM, Wednesday, November 1, Gildemeister 155

Refreshments served beforehand Gildemeister 135. 


Trucking through the Data

McHale Dye 

This past summer I had an internship at Dart Transit Company, a national trucking business here in Minnesota.  At Dart I participated in the BI and Data analytics team where we were given various projects of analyzation to help better the company as a whole.  I will be talking about one of these projects, which mainly focused on the prediction of profitability of a given hour in a driver’s day.

  Valuing Forecast Accuracy 

Chris Humbert 


This summer I was an Analytics Intern at John Deere. My main project focused on the importance of forecast accuracy, more specifically what is impacted when a forecast is x% more or less accurate. Application of my project was creating an RShiny app to quantify a dollar cost by how accurately we forecasted.