MinneMUDAC 2017 was a success!

This last weekend, 6 teams from Winona State competed in MinneMUDAC 2017. MinneMUDAC is an annual competition that pits students against a formidable data set and analytics problem.  Teams are given one month to work with the data before the day of the competition and then travel to the Twin Cities to present their findings to teams of judges.  All but one of our teams competed in the undergraduate division (against 19 other teams) and one team competed in the novice division (against 22 other novice teams).

WSU students participating in MinneMUDAC 2017
The WSU students from all teams showed an impressive dedication to tackling this challenge, attending 2 meetings a week and spending a considerable amount of time preparing for the day of presentations.  This dedication paid off!  We had three teams in the top 5 in the undergraduate competition.  Furthermore, four teams were singled out for various awards, listed below.

First Place Overall - Undergraduate Division
Sam Meyers, Sam Dokkebakken, Eddie Schmit, Austin Ellingworth, and Jack Barta

Acumen Award - Undergraduate Division
Reagan Buske, Chris Humbert, Mariah Quam, David Stampley Jr., and McHale Dye

Honorable Mention - Undergraduate Division
Kapil Khanal, William Diedrick, Akif Khan, Jimmy Hickey, and Sean Wittenberg

Best Prediction - Undergraduate Division
The MIS team had the best prediction out of all teams not in the top 5.

Also, while not in the top 5 teams, the other two teams performed well and multiple positive comments were heard on the presentations of both teams.

Thanks to Todd Iverson, Silas Bergen, Brant Deppa, and Chris Malone for helping prepare our students for the competition through biweekly meetings.