Student Seminar

12:00 - 12:50 PM, Wednesday, November 8, Gildemeister 155

Refreshments served beforehand Gildemeister 135. 


Internship at Fastenal: Supply Chain Analyst

Will Wermager 

Starting in June of 2017, I took a position with Fastenal as a Supply Chain Analyst. This job experience has provided me with a lot of insight into the professional environment and the importance of accurate data and reporting. There is a significant amount of work that must first go into preparing data before it is ready for analysis. Come learn about my experience!

  Summer Internship in GP Industry Investment Fund  

Fengrui Xue 


I’ll talk about what an employee in a “PE” (Private Equity) fund does and my meetings with corporations such as JKOM Cloud Health Technology Company to discuss their needs for C-round financing.