Department Seminar

12:45 - 1:45 PM, Thursday, October 19, Gildemeister 329

Light lunch served from 12:15-12:45PM in Department Conference Room (Gild 320)  

Being Awesome in Today’s Workplace  

Brian Hackerson
WSU Alumnus

The rate of change in business today is not slowing down, and as a result the skills necessary to thrive are evolving around us. Being a math major today brings opportunities not in existence even ten years ago, and will probably fuel professions not even known today. The talk will not only cover today’s opportunities for math majors, but will reveal some insights from within a large global corporation on what it takes for awesomeness at work.

Brian is a senior technology leader focused on delivering software and data solutions, working for many large companies over his 29 year career. Upon joining the SEMS (Software Electronic and Mechanical Systems) Lab at 3M in 2006, Brian became interested in Agile methodologies while driving multiple division software and systems programs, both from commercialization and corporate research perspectives. In 2017, Brian was named to lead the Scrum activities in the SEMS Corporate Research Lab to drive speed and quality of execution promoting new business growth. Brian graduated from Winona State University in 1988 with a BS in Mathematics.