Student Research Seminar

12:00 - 12:50 PM, Wednesday, April 4, Gildemeister 155

Refreshments served beforehand Gildemeister 135. 


My Mathematical Journey with the Z-Transform

Gabriel Mancino-Ball 

This presentation explores the theory of the Z-Transform and its applications. We will investigate an application of the Z-Transform in signal processing and learn how equalizers are used in music. We also discuss the use of asymptotic analysis of divergent series to approximate functions.

  Chaotic Random Number Generation  

Michael Holmblad 


This talk focuses on creating and testing a pseudo random number generator (PRNG). Our algorithm uses a chaotic dynamical system called the tent map. We discuss the process of modifying the tent map to produce a more random distribution, coding, testing, and final evaluation of the resulting number generator.