Student Seminar

12:00 - 12:50 PM, Wednesday, April 26, Gildemeister 329

Refreshments served beforehand Gildemeister 319. 


Investigating the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Elections  

Austin Smith 

Presidential elections only occur once every 4 years in the United States, and at the end of each election, it’s easy to see which candidate has won. What isn’t easy to see though is what is going on behind the scenes. It’s not always clear which political party certain demographics are voting for. Luckily, statistics can be used to help us understand the relationship between certain demographics and who they’re voting for, both numerically and visually. In my talk, I hope to address some of these potentially unknown relationships.

Assessing the Data Science Program of WSU  

Mahzabin Khan 

Winona State University introduced their Data Science program in the year 2014. The program has been growing rapidly since then and is now starting to produce graduates with data science majors and minors. Assessing the program is a crucial part for finding out whether the program is providing what it intends to and whether the students are satisfied with their overall experience. A survey was created for soon-to-be graduates who are majoring/minoring in Data Science to get feedback on their experiences. The goal of the survey is to see how the program has been running and what improvements can be made to achieve better outcome from students. My hope is that these findings will improve the experience for future students.