Department of Mathematics and Statistics Seminar

Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Brant Deppa
Winona State University

Unsupervised Learning (DSCI 415) is a recent addition to the Winona State data science curriculum.   Unsupervised learning is the study of methods where we are working only with a set of inputs/variables in order to find the structure, relationships, or differences between them.  One of the topics in the DSCI 415 is text mining which is the process of deriving quality information from text.   For example, we might want use customer product reviews to determine the general attitude towards a product or identify certain features customers like or do not like.  Social media such as Twitter ® can be a source of interesting text regarding opinions/sentiments about certain issues or individuals, e.g. a political candidate.  In this presentation, we will be looking at the basics of working with, summarizing, visualizing, and analyzing text data in R. 

Time:       12:00 – 12:50
Day: Wednesday, January 25
Place:      Gildemeister 155

Refreshments served beforehand in Math/Stat Student Lounge (GI135)